Acoustic Treatment

We can further enhance your system by installing acoustic room treatment.

What you hear from your sound system will be influenced by the environment surrounding it. The surfaces of your walls floors and ceilings all have an impact on what you hear some positive but mostly negative.

You will be hearing what comes directly from your speakers but also a lot of second hand sounds reflected around and around the room.

Have you ever been having a conversation with someone who is standing close to you and had difficulty distinguishing what they are saying? This is due to adverse room acoustics.

The sound from a movie performance particularly voices should be clear and unobstructed by echoes.

We can install strategically place sound absorbent materials to reduce these negative effects. We cover these materials with a fabric most usually an Alcantara/Suede like material that can supplied in a multitude of different colours and effects.

We can create an environment that makes full use of your sound system and also creates a beautiful and luxurious addition to you theatre.

Light control is always a great consideration in home theatres using projection systems, our room treatment will give huge improvements in the video as well as sound due to it absorbing light and not reflecting it.

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Acoustic Treatment